Monday, June 21, 2010

New Podcasts: Interviews with Joan Braderman director of Heretics & LA Film Grant with Carole Dean

We are excited to relaunch our podcast that highlights notable women in the world of cinema.

Interview with Carole Dean

In this podcast interview, Lindsay Castillo talks with Carole Dean. In 1992 Carole Dean created the Roy W. Dean Grant Foundation in honor of her late father. To date Carole’s grant and mentor-ship programs have provided filmmakers with millions of dollars in goods and services and have played an instrumental role in establishing the careers of some of the industry’s most promising filmmakers. Learn more about Carole Dean and how to apply for the LA Film Grant (Due June 30, 2010).

Listen to podcast interview:

Interview with Joan Braderman

In this podcast interview, Scarlett Shepard, Executive Director of the Women's Film Institute, talks with Joan Braderman about her latest documentary film 'Heretics.'

Braderman traces the influence of the Women’s Movement’s Second Wave on art and life, The Heretics is the exhilarating inside story of the New York feminist art collective that produced “Heresies: A Feminist Publication on Art and Politics”.

In this feature-length documentary, cutting-edge video artist/writer/director Joan Braderman, who joined the group in 1971 as an aspiring filmmaker, charts the collective’s challenges to terms of gender and power and its history as a microcosm of the period’s broader transformations.

On the road with her camera crew from New Mexico to Italy, Braderman reconnects with 28 other group members. Still funny, smart and sexy, the geographically dispersed participants revisit how and why they came together and the extraordinary times they shared—supporting and exploring women’s art and demanding the right to be heard.

Listen to podcast interview:

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