Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009: 10:15 PM at Women's Building

Short Film Showcase. Films include: Discovering Composition in Art directed by Heidi Phillips (Canada, 2008, 2 min, Experimental) Discovering Composition in Art uses found footage as source material for various darkroom experiments. These failed attempts to capture "good composition" race before viewers' eyes like flashing lights. "By using some of these guides we can create exciting art from the world around us." Bottled directed by Jian Lee (USA, 2007, 4 min, Animation) 'Bottled' is about two people living in glass bottles. The bottles are located in an artist's studio and the characters are the creations of the artist. The hand, the artist, creates another male character for the woman to save her from loneliness. Resta directed by Anna Bucchetti (Netherlands/Italy, 2008, 24 min, Narrative/Fiction) Elena's mental illness dominates the lives of her husband and children, whose fears increasingly worsen as she goes missing every night. Mofetas directed by Ines Enciso (Spain, 2007, 10 min, Narrative/Fiction) In Tangiers, two boys hide inside the undercarriage of a truck, in order to smuggle themselves across the border. We see their joyful fantasies of getting a car, an education, and fame as such as a soccer player. In this beautifully surreal and yet down-to-earth short, the comical delight such of such dreams is interrupted when one of the stowaways is dragged away by police. But he cheers his friend on - as the truck leaves for a better world.
Dandelion Dharma
directed by Veronica DiPippo (USA, 2008, 26 min, Narrative/Fiction)
A magical tale of love, loss and letting go, we first meet Trudy, a distraught 20-something determined to rid herself of the final dredges of a failed romance. Brokenhearted, she stands in the community garden plot she shared with her fiance, once a reflection of their vibrant love for each other, now a barren weed-filled piece of land. Suddenly, Trudy is interrupted by three mysterious women who appear on the garden path; reluctantly she listens as the eccentric women eventually befriend and ultimately beguile her with their stories. The three women surprise her with their power of persuasion, as they become intimate sharing laced brownies and shots of vodka, as well as stories of failed romance and their own "Mr. Wrong." Savoring every detail of their touching and humorous accounts, Trudy continues to fall under the spell of these quirky wise women. Following their tales of love, where "beginnings" come from endings, endings from beginnings," Trudy's perception of life, love and reality changes, as she unexpectedly uncovers new meaning to "letting go."

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