Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009: 2:00 PM at LGBT Center

GIRLS LIKE IT Shorts Program. Films include: Worst Case Scenario/Femme Edition directed by Mary Guzman (USA, 2008, 5 min, Narrative/Fiction) Lipstick ladies get a lesson in love in this self-help spoof. Rock the Like directed by Gina Mainwal (USA, 2007, 3 min, Music Video) Hip-Hop and hot dykes..we like! Lezbro: Don't Cha Know directed by Melinda Bagetelos and Dara Sklar (USA, 2008, 10 min, Music Video) Reveals the unique friendship between guys and dykes in a sassy mix of faux anthropology, reality and techno-pop music video. Your Turn directed by Sarah Grimmer (Australia, 2008, 5 min, Narrative/Fiction) Two women pass the time playing online video checkers with each other on a regular basis. On this particular night, one of them has a surprise for the other. Happy Birthday directed by Roberta Marie Munroe (USA, 2008, 14 min, Narrative/Fiction) Hannah wants a baby. Abigail wants a dildo. Jack and Madeleine like things just the way they are. Son of a Preacher directed by Jasmine Gervais (Canada, 2008, 6 min, Narrative/Fiction) Billy, the son of the town's preacher, secretly falls for a mysterious and pretty new parishoner. Unfortunately, she's thinking about someone else. Tanz ins Glueck directed by Barbara Seiler (Switzerland, 2008, 16 min, Narrative/Fiction) Anna is working as a cleaning lady. Every night she cleans Helen's office. Helen is a high level broker working in the stock exchange. The two women live in different worlds and normally would never meet each other. However they happen to have enrolled in the same salsa course. Due to the lack of men, Anna and Helen have to dance together. A lesbian fairytale depicting the possibility of overcoming social borders.

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