Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009: 5:00 PM at 9th Street Independent Film Center

Making Herstory: Young Women in the Director's Chair. Young women are full of creative insight, allowing for various perspectives through a multitude of genres. SF Women’s Film Festival honors the upcoming generation of women filmmakers, with the support of Ninth Street Independent Film Center’s youth media program, TILT. Please join us for a fun filled, impressive program of young women who make media.

Films include:
& All That Jazz directed by Marie Benedetto, Allyson Laquian, Ida VSW Red, Erika Sokolower-Shain (USA, 2008, 6 min) Two urban lesbians, one young, one old - find themselves in competition for scarce housing. Their generational styles, needs, and approaches clash, but there is a hint of common ground in search for home, community. Generation of Consolidation directed by Brooke Noel and Sami Muilenburg (USA, 2008, 12 min, Documentary) A documentary exploring the impact of media consolidation on news content and how this affects youth, both as viewers and media makers. Sound Affects directed by Fifer Garbesi (USA, 2008, 2 min) What happens when you wake up one morning to discover all the sounds in your life have been scrambled? Still Life directed by Michaela Creedon (USA, 2008, 2 min) A multi-layered short that shows us the view of the city through the eyes of a young artist as she transitions through on public transportation. Klaira's Story, Part I of As Old as Our Eyes directed by Klaira Markenzon (USA, 2004, 13 min) Klaira lives in that foggy middle space between Old and New World. This Unkrainian-Jewish Teenager immigrated to San Francisco as a young child with her extended family. Now on the brink of adulthood, she interviews her grandparents about their new American lives, yearning to see her adopted world through older generations' eyes. Klaira understands that life in the United States has changed her profoundly. Thicker Than Water directed by Camille Kolodziejski and Sami Kubo (USA, 2008, 16 min) Abby is going through something that will transform her life forever. Can she keep her identity and be happy in a harshly judgmental society?

Admission: FREE. For more information about the film screening and panel:

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